Book Review – Raw, by Aurora Belle

Alexa is a social worker in Australia, having decided to be one after her stint with foster families. She gets attacked in a parking lot, and is saved by the man in a hoodie who’s been stalking her. Of course, she lets him in, after a few days they bang, without protection, even though he only identifies himself as “Twitch”. Right. Of course he’s domineering, spanks her, treats her like shit, and she is just AOK with that. Of cooooouurse…. It turns out he’s a gazillionaire she needs to appease to keep her job. Endless typose, grammatical errors, character inconsistency and stupidity. Ugh. Just, yuck. I quit reading this right after twitch took someones eye out, as a punishment, while the guy was alive. Pointless violence, stupidly bad sex…. Not well written. People went gaga over this on Amazon, they must have been paid off


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