Book Review – Dangerous Ground, by Josh Lanyon

Will and Taylor are agents for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which seems to be a federal agency, and have been work partners for 3 years. They take some time off together to camp and hike in the California foothills about a month after Taylor is shot on the job. Of course, they traipse into a mystery; a crashed plane, a parachuter decomposing in a tree. The 2.3 million in the backpack of the dead man in the parachute harness guarantees the arrival of bad guys. Will and Taylor are well drawn, the dialogue is cool and realistic, with no hokey leering or inconsistencies. The sex scenes were intimate and well written (and hot!). Their relationship develops as they work together to stay alive. I really enjoyed this story, there was just enough plot to keep me reading with no unnecessary flashbacks or info dumps. Well done! This was a free read on ARe, now I’ve got to go buy the rest


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