Book Review – His Client, by Ava March

Mr Nate Travers, nephew to a viscount and inheritor to a small shipping company, has been visiting Mme Delacroix genteel brothel for five years. Though he’s madly in love with his best friend, Peter Edmonton, he contracts the services of Jasper Reed exclusively during those five years. Nate and Jasper play sexy and wonderful games, using costumes and their own acting abilities to satisfy themselves thoroughly. Jasper, of course, falls completely in love with Nate, although he is never given the luxury of just having one client. Jasper continues to whore himself out at the brothel past his possible retirement date just to continue seeing Nate. On the eve of Peters’ marriage to a young woman, Nate whines and moans about the the pain and unfairness of loving someone who will never love him back. Jasper realizes that Nate will never really be with him, and finally retires to a lovely little cottage in an obscure village. Nate does finally come to his senses though, and all ends well. The sex was hot and well written, Nate and Jasper are pretty wonderful, although I don’t see how this can possibly end well for either of them


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