Book Review – The Chase, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Kate O’Hare is ex-Special Forces and currently a Special Agent in the FBI. She cool in a crisis, smart as a whip and can beat up the bad guys without mussing her hair. Kate is, of course, flawlessly beautiful au naturel and considers putting her hair in a pony as “doing it”. She caught, somehow, one of the biggest thieves in history, Nick Fox. Nick is of course, just as flawlessly good looking and as glib as the creator of the Blarney stone. The FBI turns Nick loose to catch the badder guys, with Kate as his handler. A fast paced story, technically good, yet there didn’t seem to be much substance in the characters. The dialogue was good and repartee was fun, yet Kate and Nick have no chemistry. Not one of of their alone time scenes felt anything other than contrived. There were a few inconsistencies also; at the beginning during a chase Kate thinks of nibbling Nicks ears. Really?! Nick is a large part of a heist, visually, and no one recognizes him. At least one of the guards or maids had to have seen a true crime/FBI most wanted show so someone had to have known his mug. This was a Good light read, a little too pat and predictable to make me want more of Nick and Kate.