Book Review – Indulgence by Caitlyn Black

This story opens with Katie Jade interviewing for a personal assistant position at a brokerage firm that she hopes will be a step up from her current position with a female stockbroker. I found it hard to believe that an applicant as gauche and fidgety as Katie is in this interview has ever held a job for any period of time. She doesn’t seem to be able to define her work qualities and abilities, she breaks down immediately and calls her current employer a bitch. Very unprofessional in the interview, and then continues to underwhelm. She sounds like an immature valley girl (omg, he is so hot!!!) in her thoughts. Somehow, she gets the job, and of course is swooning over her hot shy employer Lance Hardy, even though he doesn’t seem to have any more depth than she does. When a story starts out unbelievable and dull it’s hard to finish. I slogged through this story, and was happy to reach the predictable end.