Book Review – If It Drives, by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov

There’s a little gay brothel in London town, the Market Garden, where a guy can get anyone he wants, or needs. James Harcourt is one of the needy ones; he’s a tremendously wealthy yet lonely investment banker who needs to get out of his own head every now and then. He’s been a regular at the Market Garden, as his driver Callum is painfully aware. He’s been crushing on his boss, and one night James can’t find his favorite at the garden, so he turns to Cal. Angst and hot sex ensue, and Cal goes way of his way to be everything James needs. This was a well written book, great story, I squeed at seeing Spencer and Nick again…. just a good read all around, and a great addition to the Market Garden series. I sure can’t wait to see Percy get his own šŸ˜‰ also, great line – “so this is the Market Garden; Bankers, lawyers, and prostitutes. All the people who screwed other people for a living, converging in one dimly lit place where the booze flowed ā€


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